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The journey of your old clothes

Textilerecycling by Wolkat

Collecting textile happens at our Drop & Loop locations throughout The Netherlands, but where does the recycling happen? And where do the new products get produced? These are frequently asked questions: totally understandable! We are very transparent about this. We think it is very important that you know what happens with your clothes when you bring it to us.

Where do my old clothes go?

After you have delivered your clothes to one of our locations, PostNL will collect it. They bring all the collected textile to our partner Wolkat. Here, the textile from all locations gets collected and they conduct a first thorough sorting. Since 1995, Wolkat has a production location in the Northern Maroccan coastal town Tanger. After the first thorough sorting has happened, all the collected textile goes to Tanger. In Tanger, all of your old clothes get sorted further in more than 250 differrent categories. From the recycled textile, new yarns will be spun and eventually be made into new products! It all happens under one roof, which makes the process even more sustainable. But why exactly there?

Tanger as production location

There are multiple reasons why the recycle and production process happens in Tanger. To start with, the location of the town is very practical. Tanger has a big harbour which means big ships from Europe can easily get there. And from the harbour you can easily get to the factory. This is ideal!

Another important reason to produce in Marocco is that it means we can offer competitive prices for our products. Our recycle and production process is very labour-intensive (it all gets done by hand), which means many people are needed. The labour costs in Marocco are lower than in European countries, which means we can still offer competitive prices after our recycleprocess. And this is important to us. Higher prices for recycled products often keep customers from making sustainable choices. This way, we hope to keep our products affordable for you and are competing with the fast-fashion branche. Which is nice!

In stores

After we have created new products from your old clothes, you can find these at stores where you also hand in your clothes. This is how we complete the circle!

The journey of your old clothes, you can find here!