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Hand in your old textiles at HEMA

A drop-off point for everyone: that is one of our ambitions! That goal has definitely come a lot closer with our collaboration with HEMA. With 116 participating stores, we increased our drop-off points in many more places throughout the Netherlands.

We started our collaboration with HEMA in January. After a successful pilot, HEMA expanded the number of textile collection stores from 24 to 116 stores. That is great news!

How it works

  1. Check the map on our website for an overview of HEMA stores with a return box and choose one near you.
  2. Collect all your old textiles in a bag that you can close properly.
  3. Report to an employee at the checkout desk and hand in your bag of textiles.
  4. They will check if everything is ok and the employee will give you a 10% discount voucher! We ensure that your old clothes gets a second life, through reuse or recycling.
HEMA collection box at HEMA Spijkenisse


When you hand in your old textiles at HEMA, you will receive a discount in the form of a voucher. This is a 10% discount on one textile item of your choice. You can use the discount, for new clothing, bed linen or towels (with the exception of curtains and window coverings). Always useful! The voucher is only valid at participating HEMA stores.

HEMA discount voucher

What happens to my old textiles?

After you handed in your old textiles, it goes to our partner Wolkat in Tilburg. Here a first, rough sorting takes place. Garments that are of good quality are reused, the rest is recycled. Recycling takes place in the Wolkat factory in Morocco. Here, new yarns are spun from old textiles and eventually new products are made. Read more about the journey of your old clothes here.

We hope you are just as excited about this collaboration as we are!

Good luck with returning your old clothing at HEMA. Tip from us: just like Sanne & Carlijn, enjoy a delicious hot dog while you’re there! 😉