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Looking back at 2022

The oliebollen might still be fresh on the tongue, maybe you have already started with your New Year’s resolutions or maybe you are already planning good things for 2023. Just like you, we cannot wait to make all our dreams come true in the upcoming year. Despite of this, we would like to look back at the previous year together! Being a fast-growing startup, we are always busy with the future. We sometimes forget to reflect on what we have already achieved. 2022 was such a good year for Drop & Loop! Let me take you on a trip down memory lane…

New machines and concepts

We started the year with the launch of our new collection machine and a new concept. The development of our new machine was done and ready for business! A smaller, good-looking collection container with a felt cover and our trusted Drop & Loop look. This new concept was immediately implemented at Garcia, which meant we had five new locations.

Drop & Loop collection container

Next to this, we also completed the development of our automated machine. Since February 2021, we positioned the first version of our machine at many retailers. In the meantime, we have been very busy optimizing that version. Almost a year later, together with your feedback, we have finished developing a new and optimized version! The new machine has a fresh look, works faster, registers the weight of your textiles and has cool visual functions.

In November we launched our third concept: Drop & Loop Online. Next to the automated machine and the container in stores, we now offer a way to hand in old textiles online. All of a sudden we had a Drop & Loop location close to everyone! We are very proud to have launched this concept at Omoda.

The three collection concepts of Drop & Loop (FLTR): the collection machine, the collection container and Drop & Loop Online.


The past year, we have also taken big steps in the development of our recycled products. We have designed new products and added them to our collection. For instance these shoppers, Easter backpacks for kids, kitchen towels and aprons.

We have also introduced a new look to display our products. This was done through new packaging for our products. The packaging is made from recycled paper and makes sure the products stay neat. At the back you are able to read about our recycleproces. This way you can always see how we created new kitchen towels, coasters or aprons from your old textiles. Of course we also thought about the sustainability of our packaging, which is why they are fully compostable and you are able to throw them away together with old paper.

ABN AMRO Newcomer Retail Award

A highlight of 2022 was definitely winning the ABN AMRO Newcomer Retail Award. For this price, the jury looks at which new company in the Netherlands performs best. It was already a honor to be nominated for this award, let alone to win it! The trust from the experts and retailers has given Drop & Loop an enormous boost.


If we were to describe 2022 in one word it would be ‘growth’. We started the year with 8 locations and ended it with 65 locations. Our concept has grown on various aspects: concepts, products, logistics and customers. The amount of collected textile has also seen a huge growth in 2022. This makes us so happy! Thank you for your support!

Full of excitement and inspiration we enter the new year! There is so much more to come and we cannot wait to share this with you. Keep dropping your old clothes at one of our locations, so that in 2023 too, you know they get to a good place.