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Privacy policy

Who are we?

Drop & Loop B.V. is a company thet collects clothes, shoes or other textiles through a machine and sort the handin products for reuse or recycling.

Privacy & Security

You can leave a number of personal details on the website. On this page we tell you what information we collect, for what, who can view it and for how long this information is stored.

We will keep your data that you enter on our website or that you provide us by e-mail or telephone. Anyone who has nothing to do with your data cannot access it. If we give your data to someone else – you can read below why and when we do this – we demand that the other person handles your data just as carefully as we do and only uses it for the purpose for which he received it. We will inform you about this in the Privacy Statement. Do you have any questions after reading this document? Please contact us by mail:


The information that we (possibly) keep about you is the information that you have entered during your online application / registration or that you have provided to us by e-mail or telephone. These include your (company) name, address, telephone number and email address. We keep this information so that we know where to provide our services, so that we can contact you if we have a question or so that we can send you information about Drop & Loop.

What we do with your data?

We use your data for various purposes. Below you can see which goals these are. We use your given information and do this utmost carefull.

Signing up and marketing

You can subsribe for a Drop & Loop point in your neighborhood. Drop & Loop keeps track of how many people in the same area have signed up. >250 subsribers in the same area we going to look for a Drop & Loop point in your neighborhood. We may also use your contact details for marketing campaigns, such as sending the newsletter.
For the application form on the “retailer” page, we need your company name, name, email address and your telephone number. This allows us to execute your request and contact you.

Improve our services

We are constantly improving our services and products. That is why we can use your data to ask if you want to participate in a customer or market research. We use therefore your provided emailaddress.

Storage and Retention

We only keep your personal data for as long as and insofar as we need it. We keep data that we necessarily need in any case for the duration of our relationship or agreement.

Information, Changes and Objections

You have specific rights with regard to the processing of your personal data. You can always contact us about this. This certainly also applies to the following subjects:

  • Whether we process your personal data;
  • The way in which we process your personal data;
  • Access to the personal data that we process about you;
  • Objections to the processing of your personal data;
  • Adjustment of your personal data if it has (possibly) been processed incorrectly;
  • Removal (erasure) of your personal data;
  • Transfer of your personal data to yourself or to another organization at your request;
  • Questions about the content of this Privacy statement.

Note: we may not be able to comply with a request in all cases. If this is the case, we will let you know with reasons.


We have taken adequate technical and organizational measures to protect your personal data.

Changes to the Privacy Statement

We may change the Privacy Statement in the future. You will always find the most recent statement on our website.

Customer right

Do you disagree with the way in which we process your personal data or deal with your rights as a customer? Please contact us You can also file a complaint to the Dutch Data Protection Authority. Please take a look at


If something is not correct or if you want to view your data or have it removed, please contact us.

Companyname: Drop & Loop B.V.

We have not appointed a data protection officer.