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Sustainable entrepreneurship,
customer loyalty and
turnover growth

Drop & Loop is a new service to collect and sort clothing for reuse and recycling. The programme rewards customers when they hand in their used textiles to your store. This means that as a retailer and producer, you contribute to making worn clothing circular and you visibly contribute to making the textile industry more sustainable. Drop & Loop helps you do business sustainably and ensures higher customer loyalty and growth of your turnover. 

A better world starts in your store.

New legislation 2023

Drop & Loop helps retailers to achieve the sustainability goals and to comply with the Decree on the Regulation for Extended Producer Responsibility 2023.

How it works


In-store installation and maintenance

We install the machine in your store. From then on, you can offer the intake of used textiles as a sustainable form of service that you hardly have to worry about yourself. Thanks to a service contract, we are always there in case of breakdowns or problems.


Collect, discount and savings program

Your customers take their old textiles to your store. The machine weighs how much clothes they hand in. Ze scannen de QR-code met hun mobiele app. For each kilo or each time they hand in clothing, they receive a discount via the app on a subsequent purchase, or they save for sustainable products in your store.


Collection and logistics

Drop & Loop facilitates the entire process of logistics, clothing collection, sorting, re-purposing and recycling. Without hassle. Full containers are collected and sent to our partner, who processes them sustainably.


Sorting, re-purposing and recycling

The clothing is sorted at our leading partner for circular textiles. Reusable clothes are given a new lease of life. The remainder is recycled into raw materials for circular products.


New circular products

The recycled textiles are used to spin new yarn, which in turn is used to make fabrics. Those fabrics form the basis for new and sustainable products, which we can develop together with you. In this way, you and your customers make a visible contribution to a sustainable clothing industry.

We facilitate the entire process of
clothing collection, sorting, re-purposing and recycling.

This retail concept proves that sustainable entrepreneurship can go hand in hand with entrepreneurship and turnover growth.

Susan de Vries, founder

Drop & Loop in your

From 2023, textile producers and retailers will be responsible for the
collection and recycling of the products they offer. Let us help you to achieve the sustainability goals and ensures higher customer loyalty and growth of your turnover. Ask for more information and we will contact you.