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Drop & Loop creates it together with her partner Wolkat

For the collection and processing of the textiles, Drop & Loop collaborates with her partner Wolkat . Wolkat is the only circular textile processor in the world where the entire chain (sorting, recycling, spinning and weaving) takes place under one roof. With Wolkat as a partner, Drop & Loop is the first in the Netherlands with a complete circular program for textiles.

In the Wolkat factory in Tangier, Morocco, the returned textiles are sorted. Half of the collected textiles are suitable for reuse and are sold worldwide. The remaining fifty percent is cleaned, sorted by hand by material and color and spun into new yarns. No water, chemicals or dyes are used in this process.

Together with Wolkat we make a wide range of woven and non-woven fabrics in this way. These form the basis for our new and sustainable products. All your Drop & Loop products are guaranteed to be 100% sustainable.